Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter gloves

This morning when I checked the temperature, I did a dance of good-weather-joy in my apartment. Yesterday's freezing cold almost brought me to tears, so seeing that it was 1 degree was awesome.

Embracing the "warmth", I decided to keep my gloves stuffed into my jacket pocket. As I'm walking to my bus, music in my ears, I hear someone vaguely yelling. Now there are lots of men who yell/honk on the streets, so I tend to ignore them.  A little while later I realised I lost my gloves...and wandered back to find them. I might have let them go, but they were a purchase of this winter, and I have a tendency to lose gloves.

Eventually, I found them, in two separate snow banks...3 blocks apart. There is no way that they fell out of my pocket into two snowbanks, that were a little off my walking route. Guess that man was yelling at me about my gloves, and then decided to have some fun with them.

Crazy. And not appreciated.

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