Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As I turn 23...

Once upon a time 23 seemed so old. And now that I am 23, I feel so very young, and there's so much I want to accomplish with my life.

This year I want to focus on my goals - I want to work harder and play a bit less. I've gotten into the habit of playing a bit too much and a bit too hard sometimes. I also want to focus more on my friendships, and "think" of others more. When people do small things for me, or remember small details that make me happy, I feel so special. I really want to focus on bringing that aspect to my friendships this year, from my side.

There's also a couple things that I plan on keeping my chin up about. I'm sure God has a plan, and unfortunately though I don't know it yet, everything has always worked out so far.

I'm excited about 23, and I hope to embrace the year openly, so that it's filled with great times and no regrets!

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