Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As I turn 23...

Once upon a time 23 seemed so old. And now that I am 23, I feel so very young, and there's so much I want to accomplish with my life.

This year I want to focus on my goals - I want to work harder and play a bit less. I've gotten into the habit of playing a bit too much and a bit too hard sometimes. I also want to focus more on my friendships, and "think" of others more. When people do small things for me, or remember small details that make me happy, I feel so special. I really want to focus on bringing that aspect to my friendships this year, from my side.

There's also a couple things that I plan on keeping my chin up about. I'm sure God has a plan, and unfortunately though I don't know it yet, everything has always worked out so far.

I'm excited about 23, and I hope to embrace the year openly, so that it's filled with great times and no regrets!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter gloves

This morning when I checked the temperature, I did a dance of good-weather-joy in my apartment. Yesterday's freezing cold almost brought me to tears, so seeing that it was 1 degree was awesome.

Embracing the "warmth", I decided to keep my gloves stuffed into my jacket pocket. As I'm walking to my bus, music in my ears, I hear someone vaguely yelling. Now there are lots of men who yell/honk on the streets, so I tend to ignore them.  A little while later I realised I lost my gloves...and wandered back to find them. I might have let them go, but they were a purchase of this winter, and I have a tendency to lose gloves.

Eventually, I found them, in two separate snow banks...3 blocks apart. There is no way that they fell out of my pocket into two snowbanks, that were a little off my walking route. Guess that man was yelling at me about my gloves, and then decided to have some fun with them.

Crazy. And not appreciated.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paradoxical emotions

Yesterday, when coming back from the senior centre my nana visits everyday, she slipped in my aunt's driveway and fractured her neck.

While this is horrible beyond belief, thank God she wasn't paralysed. It could have been so much worse.

For some reason though, my aunt kept this under wraps for 4 hours! Simple ridiculous! What if something happened in those 4 hours...and the rest of us only found out too late...

Anyways, she's a tough lady. She's of the old stock, and I know she'll make it through.

I am just so worried. It sucks that I am here, so far away, and that everyone else is with her.

And while one half of my brain is consumed with that, the other is overjoyed that my experiment worked in it's entirety TWICE yesterday.

I was so happy at the lab that I did a little dance, and actually wanted to make out with the microscope. The frustration and anxiety of troubleshooting is definitely worth the pleasure of seeing your efforts result in some actual results!! This makes going to the lab exciting, and I can't wait to go back and be more productive!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't start celebrating yet!

I'm finally collecting some data for my experiment! Great start to the New Year, I'd say. I worked really hard at hammering out some of the kinks of the experiment this past week, and am even going in today - on a much treasured Saturday - to stare into the microscopes, with the goal of getting some valuable data.

I have been waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more, to collect data. And now I am finally here! Although, this has now opened up a whole new can of worms. I thought that when I pushed past the learning/developing the experimental technique, to actually collecting data, my life problems would be solved. This is where science goes - ah hah, trapped you, you idiot!

Logically, you would think that when analysing data, inputting A and B to get C would give you C. But no. A and B sometimes gives you C (awesome), sometimes D (kind of makes sense), and sometimes even Z (what the fuck)! What should make sense, doesn't, at all.

Now I have to figure out how to "mould" my data to tell the story I want it to tell.

Ahh science, always one leap ahead of me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of the lucky ones

A few years ago my dad went for his annual physical. He had planned to skip it, just like he did the previous year, but for some reason my mum got on his back to go.

The doctor found he had abnormal prostrate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, and after a few more tests, he was diagnosed with stage 1 prostrate cancer. He underwent a prosectomy, and radiation, and was pronounced cancer free within a year or so.

Today, he called me to say he visited the oncologist. My heart stopped for a second because I thought he was going to tell me it was back...there are millions of stories of what a resilient bastard cancer can be, and why should this be any different? However, it was just to tell me that his PSA levels are still within the normal range. I can't help but think how my dad is truly one of the lucky ones, and how thankful I am for that.