Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bringing healthy back

Due to my funding dilemma and my doubts in my experimental abilities this past week, my eating habits have really taken a hit! It's easy keeping on track when at the lab, because I have set eating times, and a limited access to free food...but once I get home, it's non-stop face stuffing. Granted the food I'm eating is not unhealthy, but the sheer amount chowed down has led to a gigantic increase in calories.

I've always had this problem with emotional eating. In first year university, I was depressed for most of the year, ate like a wild boar, and subsequently put on 20 pounds.

I always find it so hard to control my emotional eating. It's usually why I only stock my place with healthy food, so if I go on a rampage, the most damage I can inflict on myself is with granola. Mmm granola.

Guess it's just a battle I have to continuously keep fighting and a problem I always have to keep my eye on. I find it's so much more difficult in the winter, because the cold can be such a downer. I can't wait for summer to come, so I can wear some shorts, walk to the lab everyday, and hit up the beach! Come soon summer!


  1. self-discipline. each time you eat a granola bar, condition yourself to drop and do 10 pushups. make it a habit, and you'll find yourself either
    A) reaching for that granola bar with apprehension
    B) reaching for that granola bar with renewed vigour and biceps of steel

    this friendly tip from your secret procrastinator ;)

  2. and by biceps, i mean triceps

    silly wabbit, anatomy's for kids!

  3. ps: posting comments here are a bitch

  4. well I appreciate the effort you go to post comments then, my procrastinating friend!!
    that sounds like a very good idea!! a backwards form of Pavlov's conditioning on myself!